This month’s English lesson is all about family and community helpers for our older kids.
For Sakura Class, we taught about these community helpers who does everything they can to help us and make our lives easier by providing us with good services like Doctors, Fireman, policemen and teachers. They knew it already in Japanese so we would like to try to name them in English.

For Sumire Class we are still focusing on colors so we teach them every week and give more activities on colour matching which they are very good at. The popular book of Eric Carle “Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See ? ” has been reading it for them a couple of times so it was no surprise that they can recognize colours in english for
the coming months.

For Tulip Class, we taught them about parts of the body like Eyes, Hair, Head, Nose, Mouth, Tummy, Hands and Feet. We want to repeat it again in a few weeks.

We also sang “Daddy Finger” and song story about the ” Yummy Pie” which includes counting.

We hope you enjoy our photos for this week and how they had fun on our English circle time.