We have learned about greetings last week and we recall it this week. We are using this words like Good morning, Please, Sorry, Goodbye when we are outside strolling around and playing with friends. An example of practicing greetings is when we were at the Cinecitta searching for the characters of Sylvanian Family. One kid says ” Good morning Bunnies, Good morning Squirrel, Goodbye Kitties, see you later! “It is easy to use this words when we  practice it everyday. We also use manners on our playtime and they learn the timing of using it. This week we also add a story song  about the Yummy pie to blend a little bit of this pumpkin season.

Sakura class were very good at counting so we gave them pumpkin and apple pictures to count with everybody. They also participated on matching the shapes using pumpkin shapes. Good job everyone!

On our last song we sang “Bye Bye Goodbye” song . We Clap, we stomp our feet and they like to imitate it.