Today’s lesson is about Fruits! We learn about Apple, Kiwi, Banana, Watermelon, Grapes and Oranges, peaches and Pineapple.They really love to participate. Good job! For our little learners!

Playing in the sandpit is not only a fun part of children playing but a great way for them to learn different skills. They feel the texture of the sand and learn to share the toys with their friends.

Some likes to join soap bubbles and even likes to kick a ball .

Throwing or kicking a ball is a gradual process. At this age, this skills reflect how well she/he can balance her body and interact with the space around them.  But here, our little friend seem to like kicking the ball. It must be her favourite part of this summer activity.

Mealtime can be messy but when they learn to feed  themselves they also develop their independence. This stage involves a lot of feeling too like squezing and dropping. They will also learn more about the taste, texture, smell and temperature of the food. Here they learn how to hold their spoon too. We’re so proud of them when they are willing to do it by themselves. Well done for our little friends!