On  our Sumire Class,  we are still learning Farm animals and their sounds and it was a joyous time when our little learners participate on our lesson . Typically simple words like “Mama” and “Papa” are the huge milestones that excite many parents. But, before the true language begins children also learn and practice through pictures such as animal sounds. It can also help to development their speech development. We also prepared an activity for them the shadow matching game.

On Sakura Class we reviewed the wild animals in the zoo and we gave them more samples of wild animals like Kangaroo, Zebra, Panda and Snake. We also put the English song “Let’s go to the Zoo”. It is an active song that explores animal vocabulary and animal action verbs. Like Stomp like the elephants do, Jump like the Kangaroo’s do.
Please check the link below . Sorry for the other language subtitle. We also had coloring activities.

We really had fun on this weeks lesson .