Hello Parents! Welcome to English Lesson 2023! This month is the beginning of our English lessons to each class. We are so excited to share our songs and activities in English to the kids. Besides giving them a lesson we have video watching in the afternoon were they can get use to english songs, dance, phonics, action words. We started to communicate in english from babies because it gives them benefits especially when they begin to speak a word. As they grow, their listening skills get better. Bilingual children benefit academically from knowing more than one language in many ways because they are able to switch between languages, they develop more flexible approaches to thinking through problem according to researchers too. There are days were we communicate with them only in English.
Tulip Class started by introducing Alphabet Songs, Color Recognition, Hello Songs and Goodbye Songs.

Sumire Class was so excited since they already know english since they were in Tulip Class. Other kids already can sing the whole Twinkle Twunkle Little Star song and other songs in English and can pronounce well the words. We really look forward for more exciting lessons for all of them. The all-time favourite Rainbow Song story, match the color on fruits activites. They all participated.

Sakura class has more activities than the other class since they are already familiarized with other lessons and activities. They were so happy when they participated on our rainbow song on putting each color of the rainbow and also did coloring pages on fruits.

We hope you enjoyed the photos and videos of our little learners for this week. We look forward for more exciting lessons with them.