Good day!

Rainy day is here! The children splashed joyfully in the puddles, their laughter blending with the rhythm of the rain. Seeing the children’s excitement about the rain filled us with a nostalgic sense of wonder. So, for this month, we dedicate our activities and songs about the rain!     

As we get familiarize with our friend Itsy-bitsy spider, we also introduce some animal sounds to our little learners!

Some of the animal sounds:

Dog, what does the dog says?
The dog says “woof, woof”!

Cat, what does the cat says?
The cat says “meow, meow”!

Chicken, what does the chicken says?
The chicken says “cock-a-doodle-doo”!

We hope to introduce more fun activities to the children!

On the days that the weather is hot, we start to have water play! The children love water play! They were so excited playing with friends sharing toys and taking turns for the bucket! Water plays is not only enjoyable but also are great for children’s sensory exploration, communication skills, role playing and many more!

We are looking to have more fun on rainy days and also looking forward for the hotter weather!
Thank you and see you on our next lesson!