We continue to teach our little learners about the face and body parts. We guess, the song “Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes” did help in recognizing the basic parts of the body. We will consistently teach them about it until they can be able reach it by themselves. Next time, we will make more fun of it by creating a game .

As part of our class, we have our song of the month “Wheels on the bus”. Our little learners really like to imitate our actions as we do “round and round,swish swish swish, wah wah wah and ssh, ssh, ssh!”. They are too cute!

Today before we go out , we encouraged them to put their socks and shoes independently. They’re doing their best and we know that it requires training and practice. We think they are doing well.

Even it is a cloudy day today, having fun outside with the kids brightens up our day!
We hope you enjoy our sharing.