We prepared some sea creatures with their own colors that can swim in the water: Orange Puffer Fish, Blue Whale, Green Sea Turtle, Red Octopus and Pink Fish. A great bath-time time song using any toys your child has in your tub. This song goes like this.

The Red Octopus is swimming in the water
Swimming in the water, swimming in the water.
The Red Octopus is swimming in the water
Bubble, Bubble, Bubble, Bubble Pop!

(We can say other creatures like The Orange Puffer Fish is swimming in the water)

You can also use hand gestures when you don’t have the props. Use the hand signals by flapping them together and say swimming . Bubble Bubble is when your hands are fluttering and  clap our hands once when we say Pop!
Our little learners enjoyed it a lot.

Tulip Class

Sumire Class

For Sakura Class we reviewed our Little Mouse Song and learned again about Bugs and Insects . We’re amazed that kids remember their names in English like Ants, Ladybug and the popular Roly-Poly. Kids our so excited we wanted to do more lessons and games with them.

Looking Forward to more stories and games here on our English Lesson.
See you next week!