Our kids ability to recognize different colors improves around 18 months – the same time he begins to notice the similarities and differences in shapes, size and texture. It will be a while longer before he knows the basic colors, but most children can name at least one by 36 months. In the meantime, he’ll add new colors to his vocabulary through practice. They like looking at picture books of objects and organized by shapes and colors so we prepared some games where they can recognize colors in English and they really had fun.

Our Sakura Class enjoyed our game of “Little Mouse” . We put all the different colors of the house . We ask them where is the little mouse going to hide?. So we say it’s going to be a surprise so everybody should close their eyes. After we hide the little mouse we ask them to guess which colored house is he hiding and then we say, ” Little Mouse Little Mouse are you in the Blue House? ” . Parents can try this game too at home.

For Sumire Class we also prepared some colored flowers while we sing ” Red flower Red flower what do you see? I see a Purple Flower looking at me!”.

Tulip Class has also the same lesson.

Our Song of the month is “Open and Shut them”. This is a song for teaching basic opposites. It’s full of easy-to-understand , easy-to-gesture vocabulary. It goes like this. Do the same tone in each opposite words.

Open and Shut them (With your hands open and close gesture )
Open and Shut
Open and Shut them
Open and Shut
Everybody Clap clap clap
Open and Shut them
Open and Shut (repeat 2x)
Put them on your lap lap.

Big and Small ( with arms open wide and make it small gesture )
Fast and Slow ( like running gesture and slow pace gesture )

We hope you enjoyed our photos this week .
See you next time!