Today we have talked about family on Sakura Class and they’ve enjoyed our lesson, singing。Teaching about different members of the family to our little learners help them realize and recognize and understand that family, the important people and the person we live with is something we all have in common. We also includes finger puppet with a Nursery song that they absolutely loved because it’s simple, repetitive and easy to sing along with. We sang “Daddy Finger” which also include Mommy , Brother, Sister and Baby. Finger play song also develops gross and fine motor skills. It will also helps them to learn language by increasing the vocabulary, learning sounds of words and hearing the rhythm of language.

For this month’s Song Story is about “5 pieces of yummy pie” which help them to count.

For Sumire Class, we also sang “Daddy Finger” and Song Story “4 pieces of Yummy Pie”. For their activities, each one of them sorted pictures according to their colors Red, Yellow and Blue.

For Tulip Class, we are so amazed that they understand English words on our daily conversations with them like Sitdown, Open, Wait, Apple and Let’s Go! They are so smart so please try to speak with them with these words too at home.

We look forward for the next lesson!
Hope you have a good weekend!