Lately we’ve been learning about imitating skills to children . Imitation activities are vitally important for the the development of their language, play and social skills . We all learn by watching others and copying their actions so one of the most important ways children learn is through imitation. We’ve been reading about From Head To Toe and they can now say ” I can Do It! ” when you ask Can You Do It? They are now actively responding after we read it twice this month. Today we gave them other actions to learn and they really had fun imitating it while we say it in English .

For Sumire Class, we are still learning colors. Today they are very good in sorting the three colors aside from telling them where is the color BLUE.

For Tulip Class we’re still learning songs about ABC’s and some english words. We will show some pictures next month.

We ended our lesson on our song of the month “5 little ducks” and the color of the month BLUE.

See you next week’s lesson!