Brrrr! It’s too cold these past few days as this temperature starts to drop outside, but it can be fun to explore winter themes with our kids outside and inside the daycare. How are you doing on this coolest time of this season? Hope all is well with you!

On our English lessons , we still continue to give them winter themes and they seem to enjoy it. Our little learners are growing even their knowledge on their second language.
Sakura Class likes games and participation so we prepare a very simple activity that they can enjoy.
I tell the kids to decorate the snowman any way they chose. We set out several parts of the snowman and how will they clothe him. We put hat, scarf, carrot nose and buttons. These turned out so cute and they like it. We also built a snowman reindeer too.

For Sumire Class, we are still focusing on winter sorting with colors. We used Christmas trees and give each child with cut out pictures with each color. They are doing a great job sorting colors. They even helped their friends to put the right colors.

For our Tulip Class, they are so excited everytime we call out their names on our Goodmorning song. They were so proud of themselves when they raise their hands. We also sings Jingle Bell using their little pet bottle made with acorn inside to make some noises. It was really fun for them .

This month’s christmas song storytime on our circle time is “The Light’s on the Trees”.
Christmas song – Jingle Bells

We hope you enjoyed our photos for this week with our amazing little learners of English.