December is here again! You feel the cold breeze and a lot of people now is wearing more thick jacket.
For kids, it’s still fun for them wherever they go. They have a lot of energy.

On our English lesson, we prepare something that is connected to Christmas and they are so happy to see the Santa’s hat, Rudolf’s red nose, the bells and Christmas tree. We sang the “Lights on the trees” for storytime song and Jingle Bell song for the song of the month.
Sakura Class started to recognized numbers as we count the items on our flash cards. They are so happy to participate while putting pinch on the correct number.

Sumire Class also had fun on our circle time singing

Tulip Class started to recognize the parts of the body and face so we will repeat it again and again while they’re having fun on our every morning communication in english.

We hope you enjoy the photos and take time to read our short story on what’s happening to our english time.