Christmas is a great time of the year for Hagukumi Hoikuen. We’re excited to continue sharing the merry and bright celebration with the kids and their parents on our christmas event that was held last December 23,2022.

Last year was even more special because of the participation of the staff, who sang in English and Japanese of Beauty and the Beast, Makka no Ohana no Tonakai and participation of students from Toko Gakuen who played Flute and Clarinet.

Special Dance of the kids to the tune of ”NANANA I’M SO HAPPY”. Parents also joined dancing and jumping which made this event more exciting!

Santa Claus gears up for gift giving after the program and was able to take pictures by class. Kids were so excited to receive their gifts.

We would like to thank all the parents for coming inspite for their busyness at work. We really appreciate their presence at Hagukumi Hoikuen. We look forward for more exciting English activities for this year of 2023.