You can feel the cold breeze these past few days, and you will also notice the changing of colors of other trees. Orange colors are more recognize for this season and pumpkin is one of the symbols for Halloween for this month so we try to connect it with our lesson this week.

For Sakura Class we learned about the sizes like Large, Medium and Small. Sorting activity helps them learn to compare the different sizes, between big and small.

They enjoyed sorting it in different columns.

For Sumire Class we learned about the shapes again with a face of a pumpkin which they also enjoyed matching it with the shapes.

Tulip Class like the singing and clapping of the hands. We also put the song of the “down by the station “and they enjoyed it a lot.

We count from 1-5, sang the song for this month “Rock, Paper, Scissors” and “Down by the Station” for the last time of this month.

We look forward for another new exciting lesson next week!