Cold weather felt these past few days so we prepared a lesson that is connected to this weather .

For Sakura Class, our little ones can identify appropriate clothing to wear during cold weather .  We found pictures for them to learn winter clothes and they can follow us in pronouncing it in english like pants. socks, shoes, jacket, beanies, scarf and sweater. They are so smart to remember some of them on our first time of this lesson.

For Sumire Class, we reviewed about the names of insects and sang the song of the month “Down by the station” and “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

For Tulip Class, we always sang the Rise and Shine and Goodmorning Song in the morning. Whenever we call their names, they raise up their hands like saying I’m here! Repetition is the best way for a baby or toddler to learn their names.

We hope you enjoyed the photos from this week’s lesson .
See you next week!