For the newcomers who enters the nursery for the first time, we Hagukumi Nursery congratulates you on your new milestone! Wishing your little ones all the best as they embark on this exciting journey!

They are going to learn a lot of new things! 

English is Fun!

For this month English lesson, we sing a welcome song to the little ones. We also incorporate action verbs while sing like clapping, waving, and twisting. We also play a little game called peek-a-boo! The teacher hides her face with her hands and surprise the kids while saying peek-a-boo! Not only that, but you can also hide things and say peek-a-boo once you show what is your hiding.

We also play a What’s in the box game! It is an exciting game we’re we reach inside the box and see what’s in there! It can be anything but this month we introduce food that kids love! It is a great way to learn new vocabulary.

We can’t wait for our next lesson!