Our lesson for today is about Fruits and Vegetables.

Our little learners wants to participate. We ask them who wants to put the flashcards on the board and some try to learn to raise their hands which is good.

Children loves to express themselves through singing and dancing, so we ended the lesson through singing the song of the month, ABC song.

Thank God for the weather! It’s a bright sun shining day today so we decided to go up the bridge to see different types of vehicles on the road . We say “Here comes the Truck! Patrol car, Taxi, Ambulance!” They are all much excited when we see the train passing. this is part of their activities.

On our way home, we stopped over on our Children playground on the side of our Hagukumi Daycare. Sand pit is the best place to be when they’re inside already. Using sand pit toys learn them to identify colors, shapes and helps them to dig, mold and fill in the buckets as they would like.