What sounds do a cow, duck, pig, and other farm animals make? It’s easy to do with farm animals because they are fun and engaging. Our young learners are enjoying the noises while we are singing “Old Macdonald Had a Farm” song. This is one of the beloved American anthem for the toddlers to introduce the sounds of the animals. We encourage this language developmental milestone by pointing out farm animals in real life too. If you’re at the supermarket or mall and spot a magazine with a horse, talk about the sounds horses make. At a petting zoo, point out the sheep or goat and talk about what it eats and how soft it’s coat feels. In doing this, we can help our kids vocabulary and help them have an expanded view of what an animal is.

At the park, kids continue to discover nature like ants, dry leaves, sand and having a fun and nice moment with friends.
We hope you enjoy what we have shared for you today !