Hello Parents!
It’s amazing to see kids at Hagukumi Nursery are improving their english vocabulary. it is our pleasure to prepare more of learning stuffs for them because this is an important age that they can absorb the words easily. We would like to show you more exciting pictures for you on how they are becoming more smart and interested.
On our lesson this week, we use colourful books with pictures that teaches about farms, animals, colours and other worldly things. Toddler picture identification are fun to attain and help little minds to respond to stories in better ways so when we ask them where is duck, cow, rooster and other farm animals ? they can point the pictures in the book.

We also reviewed our lesson last week about zoo animals and most of them can recognize it in english. We use the flashcard on guessing game .

We also made an animal shadow matching game for Tulip and Sumire Class.

We hope you enjoyed our photos this week.
Looking forward for more exciting lessons.