This week we continue to teach the lesson about the transportation with Tulip and Sumire Class. We sang again the” Driving in my car song” and they know how to sing it fast and slow. We also do gestures and sounds of the vehicles like choo choo! for the train,  whoosh whoosh for an airplane , pedal pedal pedal for bicycle, vroom vroom vroom for the car. They imitate the sounds that make the lesson fun.

For Sakura class we’ve started to learn about community helpers. I know it’s too early for them to know but it’s also important for them to recognize who are the people that works in their commnunity. Like Teacher, Doctor, Fireman, Post Man. It is also a way to explore diiferent careers grown – ups have and what do they want to be when they grow up?

We also had a matching game where they can match their careers.

We hope you practice also this at home with your kids.