We continue to share about emotions by showing them the flashcards and our facial ecxpressions about emotions. Not only with the pumpkin face, but a true expression of the face of a child. We help them to identify and label their emotions which is a very important first step to make. You are acknowledging their emotional state. When children are more socially and emotionally aware and skilled they can be more effectively navigate relationships, they can calm down and problem will solve easily when trouble arises. When a child began to hit a friend, shout, yelled or throwing their tantrums , we can say as parents, ” it is okay to get mad but we do not use our hands, we say it in words like “I’m mad” or when you’re excited you can say “I’m happy” . That is how we help them to label their emotions in an early stage.

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We also watched a video that is connected to halloween. A song from the Simple Learning Songs “If I were a ghost, If I were a robot”.

This is how our week spent. Our english words are increasing too as we continue to learn and practice to speak to them bilingually. Hope you have a good weekend!