Today, our lesson is about emotions and feelings. We teach them the emotions that will give them words for their feelings like Happy , Sad, Confused, Angry and Scared. They imitate our actions and put them into words. Toddlers are little people with big feelings, so we help them recognise what she’s feeling and why. They began to repeat it whenever we act on that word. Good job little learners!

What do we expect from toddlers emotion? They become more aware of being an individual and start to feel fear, embarrassment and envy too.They also start to say how they feels. Your toddler is also learning about a big new emotions like frustration like yelling or hitting when she doesn’t get out of her way or not understand why she/he can’t have what they want so they need a lot of reassurance and support from parents too. We can set a good example to them by managing our emotions well. This is just part of encouragement for parents too.

We also learned about the color of the month which is Yellow!
They are so very good at recognising colors.

We also had a lot of fun at the park too! We hope you enjoyed our photos for this week!
Have a nice weekend!