Hello Everyone!
On today’s lesson, we prefer to use puppet as one way to teach our little learners about animals. They are natually intrigued by puppets as their eyes immediately light up when they see one. They believe they are real and sometimes connect them in a unique way. It also helps to encourage even the shyest kids to participate. On our lesson, we just use the animal sounds while we move the puppet to attract their attention.

Rain, rain go away! Come again another day! Hagukumi kids wants to play!
Thanks for the good weather today. We were able to go outside to do lots of walking, running, sliding, riding and discovering nature.

We also commemorate this coming sunday, the Tanabata Festival (Star Festival). As part of commemorating it as the date approaches, we put colorful papers and other decorations to hung from bamboo branches . Before they are hung, we ask the parents to write their hope and wishes to their child. Thank you for the parents who were able to share their wishes.

We hope you enjoy the pictures we have shared today!
Have a great weekend!