There is no surprise that babies and toddlers are very interested on bugs and creepy crawlies . They are so colorful and had unique features. It was not difficult for us to teach the same lesson for 3 classes because they are so interested with these creepy creatures.
For Tulip Class, we taught about the color matching using ladybug clipart images. They’re enjoying putting those ladybug on the leaves. Playing bug games or doing bug art matching for toddlers is also a great way to teach active learnings. We also sang Goodmorning song. They are so happy raising their hands while we call on their names.

For Sumire Class, we made some color matching games too using cars since the class are mostly boys.
They’re enjoying putting all those circles on the color matching cars.

For Sakura Class, we made a real picture for them to enjoy the images of these bugs and creepy crawlies. Getting
outside and exploring different types of bugs is one of the top ways for them to soak up information. But since we don’t do this everyday because of the heat outside, we still find ways for them to learn more about the features of these bugs. We learned about their names like  Ants, Dragonfly, Ladybug, Grasshopper, Cicada and the most popular one that they liked to pronounce in English is Roly-Poly (Dango Mushi).

We also sang about the “Weather Song” and song of the month ” The Itsy Bitsy Spider “.

We hope you enjoyed our pictures this week . This is how we enjoy learning English.
Have a safe and good weekend everybody!