This weeks English lesson theme for Sumire Class and Tulip Class is about the sound of a steamed train. We prepared some cliparts of a steamed train with an animal passengers. They enjoyed it a lot especially when we are singing the sound of the steamed train. This song goes like this:

Down by the station, early in the morning
See the little tiger waiting to go
See the engine driver pull his little lever
Puff Puff! Choo Choo! Off we go.

They loved learning all different types of animals, vehicles and places so we can replace the name of animals, the name of the vehicles and the sound of the vehicles too.

For Sakura Class we started our lesson with exercises which they enjoyed a lot. We say “Stretch your back and count 1 2 3 4 5, Roll your shoulders, Touch your toes , do jumping jacks !”

We also learned our song story Down by the station

And continued our lesson about Vegetables . They wanted to participate so we let them put the picture cards on the board.

For this month’s song is “Rock, Paper, Scissors”.

We hope you enjoyed our photos for this weeks lessons.
See you next week!