How fast the year did go! For Sakura Class , it was a great pleasure to have your little ones in our Hagukumi English Class. We learned so many things and we can’t believe that they’ve become smarter and more responsible. It has been a privilege to see their personalities grow day by day and see how they have developed in their learning both japanese and english.

Today we choose some of their favourite lessons we have this year for them to remember once again and hoping that they won’t forget as they go to another daycare.

For your information , due to our Corona safety measures, we use a transparent mouth guard in replacement for the mask. We want the kids to see how the words will sound and pronounced. We still put a distance between the teacher and the little learners.

These are their favourite lessons . The Weather song, The Bugs and Creepy Crawlies, 2 little black bird song, Shapes, Colors, Little Cat color game (which house is he hiding?), Numbers and Yummy Pie song story.

For Sumire Class, we had a song story about the colors of the Dinosaurs and still learning about numbers so we use the story about the Very Hungry Caterpillar . We prepare the number of fruits and they were so excited to see it.

On Monday, he ate One Apple. On Tuesday, he ate Two Pears. On Wednesday, he ate Three Plums. On Thursday, he ate Four Strawberries. On Friday, he ate Five Oranges.

For Tulip Class we continue our everyday conversation in English.

We are so excited that every class will step up on the next class. Thank you parents for always allowing us to witness their development, to love and to care for this precious kids. Hoping for more fun and exciting class on this coming year!