Today we picked basic greetings and some phrases that we use to say everyday, here at Hagukumi Hoikuen and we believe that our little learners will remember it easily because they are so smart. We also review the colors and they participated well by telling the correct colors. We were amazed on how they recognized the other colors in English. Our Song for this month at Sakura Class is “Hello! Hello How Are You?”

The song goes like this :

Hello Hello How are you? (3x) / How are you today?/ I am good! I am great! (2x)/ I’m very well today. / I am hungry/ I am tired (2x)/ I’m not good today. Repeat..

Sumire Class had a great time listening to our song story about Dinosaurs on our circle time this week. We use the different colors of the Dinosaurs since we are still learning colors on our previous lessons. We put some actions that Dinosaurs do like Roar, Stomp, Flop, Run and Snuggle.

Tulip Class is learning our ABC song and we show them some books. By age 2 kids start recognizing some letters and can sing or say aloud the “ABC” song but some of our babies can sing most of the phrases until the end of the song.

Our Color of the Month is Yellow. We also spelled the word Yellow.

We hope you enjoyed our photos and see you on our next week’s lesson.