Can’t believe it’s already February. I am hoping that everyone is well even the covid rate is getting high again and hectic few weeks of several staff and children coming down with it. We are covering this week on recalling our lessons and how excited kids was in particpating.

Sumire Class was more active nowadays on our singing and repeating words from our lessons. “Hello Hello Hello How are you?” was always the first song that we sing before we proceed to our lessons. They would do the gestures of the song .  We’re happy that they get more interest in participating. “Bubble Pop ” was also the popular song story that we include in this week’s lesson review. They would laugh a lot whenever I clap on the bubble pop part. Tulip Class recalls the same lesson and ABC’s and was so excited when we sang “Baby Shark”.

They also participate on coloring pages of Sea Turtle which is part of our Ocean Animal lesson.

Sakura Class participated on puzzles and match the shadows. They almost mentioned the right words in our flashcards and we are so proud of them. They also sing with a loud voice and that gives them the confidence to participate more.
Join us again for the next few weeks before kids will go advancing to the next step.
Have a nice weekend everyone.