For today’s lesson, our young learners learn about simple action verb like knocking, close-open, and up and down while incorporating hands gestures!

We also play a game of “What’s behind the door” game where we knock on a tiny door and see what is behind it! For today, it was a daily item that we also use at the nursey. While playing the game, the kids learn simple verbs that we mention earlier.

Let’s practice some of those verbs together!

  1. I knock on the door.
  2. I will open the door.
  3. I will close the door.



And for our monthly song, we will sing the Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star as we continue to incorporate the simple verbs that we have learn earlier. While singing, we also incorporated hand gestures that goes along with the song. Instead of just hearing the song, the children will be able to see the action as well that goes along with it!

Hope everybody has a good week and see you on our next lesson!