This week we have learned about Fruits.

Fruit names are one of the first words that small children learn in every language.  Toddlers like fruits and bright colors that make them easy to identify. Basic fruit names that we learn today are apple, banana, pear, orange and grapes.

For Tulip Class we showed some picture of different fruits. They also joined the Sakura Class for our Rainbow Stew story.

For Sumire Class we made some fruit matching and make them participate by putting the same color and match them with fruits.

For Sakura Class, We learned about fruits too by singing a short story about a Rainbow Stew. We have our rainbow strips already set up in a bowl or cooking pot, and have a spoon at the ready. We don’t let the kids see those strips hiding in the pot- after we add each piece of fruit and stir it up, which can magically pull out the rainbow strip the fruit has turned into!
This song goes like this: ” Take an apple. Put it in the pot. Stir it, stir it, stir it a lot. Take it out. What will be? The prettiest Red you ever did see.” They enjoyed each strips that pulls out.

We hope you enjoyed our photos for this weeks lesson.
Looking forward to the next lesson with our little learner!