On our lesson for Tulip Class, we learn about emotions like Happy, Sad, Surprised and Scared.  Newborns cannot see well,  but according to some research shows their favorite things to look at is the human face. Especially the eyes. When we hold them and they look up to you, it just so happens that the distance between them and your face is the perfect distance for their visual focus. Basic emotions are genetically inherent – cultures all over the world have the same basic ones. When we get upset and how we get upset or when we feel happy and how we express that happiness is learned.

For Sumire Class we review about vehicles and read some short stories about them.
They like those vehicles like Go Truck Go! Go Helicopter Go!

For Sakura Class we reviewed about Ocean Animals. Everybody was so excited so we combine the Sumire Class too.

We look forward to enjoy our english lesson again next week!