Good day!

For today’s lesson, we did the same lesson from last week. If you remember, we did the “What’s behind the door” game and introduce some items in English. Since for this month’s lesson are about clothing items, we also show the children the real items for them to see.  

The Children are getting more and more comfortable participating on our English Lesson! They seem to listen well and sit still for a certain of time. They even participate by copying the teacher doing the hands gestures! Gestures are important to young learners’ expressive language development as well, its play’s a starring role during the months leading up to and following their first word. 


Lastly, we sang our monthly song (twinkle, twinkle, little star)! This time, the children sway their bodies while listening! It demonstrates their engagement and interest in the song we are singing.

Thank you and see you on out nest lesson!