This June is considered a rainy month, so we decided to teach them about this month’s theme about the rain .

Sakura Class learned about the song for this month Rain, rain, go away and it goes like this : Rain , Rain Go Away come again another day , Daddy wants to play (while pointing to the big thumb and the to the other fingers as well while saying Mommy, Brother, Sister and baby), rain rain go away. You can also change it to a child’s name like Little(name) wants to play. We also learned a counting story about the rain and the kids were so excited for the animals to come out. Learned about what to wear when it’s raining and sang about the weather today ( with Sumire Class too).

At Sumire Class we sang about the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and had an activity about colors using spider .

We really had fun time at our lessons. We hope you enjoyed our photos today!