This month, we selected transportation because of the kid’s interest in vehicles. Most of the kids in the class are boys and trains and fire trucks are very interesting for kids at this age. So we prepare some flashcards about vehicles that they always see in the community like Train, Fire Truck, Helicopter, Airplane for both classes but we had real photos for Sakura class and Clipart photo for Sumire and Tulip Class.

Our song for the month is “Here Comes The Fire Truck”. This song is a fun song with siren sounds and all about a special vehicle many children loves. It focuses on the action and sound of a fire truck and fire fighter along with the phrases, connect the hose, raise the ladder and spray the water. It’s a lot of fun to sing along to especially the siren sound making the kids love to hear it over and over again.

Here Comes The Fire Truck (With Gestures)

Here comes the fire truck driving down the street.
Here comes the fire truck Beep beep beep.
Here comes the fire truck look at it go.
Here comes the fire truck Wave Hello!
Ooh – wee – ooh, ooh – wee – ooh, ooh – wee – ooh – wee – ooh – wee – ooh (3x)
Connect the hose (3x)
Here comes the fire truck (Repeat)
Raise the Ladder (3x)
Here comes the fire truck (Repeat)
Spray the water (3x)
Here comes the fire truck.

Kids are so excited to sing the song.
We hope you enjoyed our photos for this week.