This week we had the same lesson about Shapes for Sakura Class but we had a different activity that connects to shapes. They were excited to participate again on our activity sorting shapes. We’ve been doing this activity because it is a great way to develop thinking and to get a better coordination. We help them to understand shape names and match the corresponding shapes.

We also had a portion were we sing and call their names. They were so excited whenever we show the photos of their friends who came at the lesson. They were able to put their own photos while we were singing ” Who’s here today “.

At Sumire Class we also had the same lesson but different activity .

Child development occurs in several categories: Physical motor, social and cognitive. Just as the baby is learning to wiggle their fingers, roll over and crawl, they are learning cognitively too. As they hits sorting and matching milestones, they are working their brain and soaking in new knowledge.

They were also started to put their own photos on the whiteboard while we sing “Who’s here today?” song as we did the same at Sakura Class . They were happy to do it on their own . They are getting independent!

That is all for this week. Have a good weekend!