We made this big flashcards to help our kids learn about different types of fruits . Actually all the english books starts with the word “apple”. It’s the first example that comes along with the first letter of the alphabet. So while we’re at it, we learn more fruit names in English too.

For Sumire Class, we started to learn fruits since they can also identify the fruits from their lunch. You can also review some of the fruits for them when you do grocery shopping . Ask them to get a specific fruit in english like ” Can you get some apple for me please?” and see how many fruits they can remember and help them out with the ones they are not completely sure about . We also had an activity about color matching using fruits. They were so excited to do it.

For Sakura Class , we also learned the fruits and they easily recognize the fruits. We made an activity for them to recognize the shapes too listen to the story of five little turtles.

This months song is Oh my little Bee to the tune of ” Bun Bun Bun, Hatchi ga tobu”.

We hope you enjoyed the photos this week. Kids are having fun every week on our lesson. See you on our next week’s lesson.