Good day to you all parents!
We are so happy that every kid are participating on our English Lesson today.

Our little learners are already familiar with other animals but others are new to them so we decided to introduce some sea creatures  to be able to recognize the difference of the land animals and ocean animals.  Since they will visit the aquarium on summer time some day , we introduce several of them and saying the animals name like Dolphin, Penguin, Stingray, Sea Lion, Whale and Sea Turtle.

On our circle time, we had fun introducing the song “You put your right hand, left hand in ” with dancing and gestures. They were imitating the teacher and their friends which is a good sign of interest and curiosity.

We also had time to go to the park under this warm but windy weather with friends and seems everybody was having fun. Some of them are now playing with new friends and it was so nice to see them getting along with each other.

After playing to the park, we were able to go and see train passing to and fro from the station. Our little friends are so amazed on how big and real trains are. Boys are obsessed with this and they think this is the coolest thing in the world.

We hope you enjoyed our photos today.
We are looking forward to have fun with our little friends again on our English time.