This week we recall the lesson about the clothes we wear in winter, Why Do leaves change colors song and counting acorns from 1 to 10. Tulip Class is recognizing colors as one of our little learner compares the flashcard colors to the colors of the clothes that her friends wear that day. Very interesting.

Sakura Class was participating on counting the acorns. I am so proud of them that they are able to count.

We ask the kids by lining the acorns . We count out loud because it’s a different skill than just learning to recognize what a number looks like. At home you can help them practice even in an easy and  simple strategies such as using common toys to count or counting same pictures that they see on a book. When coloring, hand your child a crayon and say it in English ” This is one crayon”. Make counting a natural part of your interactions as they will not even realize they’re learning. Do not be discourage if they don’t pick it up immediately. Do not overdo it. Just simply continue to do it daily.