Last year of December 23rd of 2023 held a christmas presentation. This time of year we have singers not only those who were playing instruments from Toho Gakuen Tanki Daigaku. Songs and music were amazing.

Some Kids have been curious with piano, clarinet. Some of the kids sensed the unusual atmosphere and cried , but when their parents came they began to smile . Sakura and Sumire class performed a dance “Jump Jump Jump” and “One little Finger “. Contrary to our worries, we did not expect a little friend can dance and were able to do it better than during the practice. Some friends froze up with nervousness because their moms and das were with them. Gradually, they were smiling and moving their bodies when teachers came in to dance.


We also put Tulip Class to be seated on their in front chairs to perform “jingle Bells” while they shake their hands gently with bells on their wrist. Some kids from other class knows the song so partly they sang with energetic  and clear in English lyrics and were able to follow the rhythm of the piano.

Then Santa appears! There were kids who knew it was Santa and couldn’t take their eyes off them but crried and clung to their teachers and parents . Everyone was a little bit nervous but when they received their presents and smiled. At the end, we took a photo with Santa on each class and it was a success.

We also thank you for bringing costumes to your kids. You’ve always been creative and bringing out the cuteness in your children. It was the great! Thank you for the staffs and teachers who worked hard and made this event possible. We’re looking forward for next year’s Christmas Event !