Temperature has started to get low nowadays. Falling leaves are everywhere and their colors were so beautiful you wanted to pick them up to use for their art projects. Kids are now collecting them, comparing their unique colors to the other ones. We prepared a song for this month entitled “Why Do Leaves Change Colors?” In this song you can also name the colors like yellow, orange, red, brown.
They easily remember the colors by singing this song.

We also learn for this month’s lesson about the winter clothes. Since the cold season is just around the corner, we prepare flashcards with what to wear on this season. We also made an activity for them on color matching with mittens. We put up that activity with Tulip Class and Sumire Class. Most of them were excited to participate. Sakura Class put autumn colors using leaves coloring page.

At the park this week, fall leaves are in a big pile in some corners. Kids are running, jumping, rolling and throwing the leaves and it helps them to learn better balance, strengths their entire bodies. Then they have to switch gears and use their fine motor skills to gently pick up a single leaf.

We hope you enjoyed our photos this week. Kids are also enjoying the weather these days.
Hope you had a good weekend!