This week we reviewed about the lesson about Vegetables. Sumire Class remember some of the veggies and enjoyed putting their photos while coming infront as we call their names.

Sakura Class also reviewed the Fruits and Veggies . We also used fruits for a rainbow story and Sakura Class enjoyed it so much. Let me explain how we set up the activity and present it in as magical way as possible. I start it by asking the kids to help me name the fruits as I add them to the board. We also ask what color are the fruits.

This song story goes like this.

“Take an apple and put it in a pot. Stir it stir it stir it a lot . Take them out now what will it be? The prettiest Red you ever did see.” ( Place the Red rainbow piece on the board with a dramatic voice ) . Continue the song by taking one fruit at a time off the board, placing it in the pot, stirring with the spoon and then placing the appropriate rainbow piece on the board. By this time, kids are wide-eyed waiting for another color of the rainbow to pull out from the pot. They are so excited for the next color to appear.

Then whenever the colors appear, we clap all clap our hands. This is so much fun, so no matter how many times ( we also did this last year), they have seen this activity, they will still participate and have fun.

We hope you enjoy our photos this week !

Have a nice weekend!