Today we prepared a fire truck made of milk carton for Sakura Class, each kid was holding it while singing our theme song “Here Comes The Fire Truck”. We showed them where is the hose and ladder located on the fire engine for them to learn too. They were so excited holding it and moving the fire engine while singing this song.

We also introduced our song story about a truck.

You will notice that every truck have some letters on them. We have T-R-U-C-K with the word truck. If we flip those letters over in this song they don’t have a letter anymore when you see that but just plain red that means BEEP and you can go BEEP with your hand. We also need to get our steering wheels out while we sing the song about driving a truck.

We also review our lessons and story about vehicles/transportation.

Sumire Class reviewed about our lesson from last week .

We hope you enjoyed our photos for this week . Our little learners was enjoying our lessons every week too!