Good day!

For today’s English lesson, we include playing with balls while incorporating simple vocabularies like “Bouncing, Rolling, and Catch!”. The children seem to like it! They also try to mimic the teacher’s mouth movement and hand gestures which is an indication that they are interested and enjoying their lesson.

After the English lesson, the Tulip class went to nursery yard to play with bubbles. Bubbles are so much fun! The children are running and crawling around trying to catch and pop them!

Once the rain has stopped, we went for a short walk. Since it has been raining all morning, there was a muddy puddle at the park. The children jump right in the puddle! They run around chasing each other while heartily laughing. It was such a beautiful sight! Playing in the puddle is incredibly enjoyable for children and can benefit them in several ways like sensory development, connection with nature and boost their immune system. We are all wet from the play, but we had so much fun today!

We hope that you enjoyed your day today as much as we had!

Thank you and see you on our next lesson!